A Welcome from the Founders

*Please note the Alalaho programme now includes 1 preparation call and 3 integration calls, rather than a 9-months-long journey

We offer safe and legal psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands to open people to the wisdom and potential at the core of their being.

That is what “Alalaho” expresses: a radical openness to experience, and to life itself.

Preparation and integration are key to our approach: we optimise set and setting to help you get the most out of your experience, and support you in weaving any insights gained back into your everyday life.

Weekly drop-in session
Considering joining a retreat?

We offer a weekly live Q&A session on Zoom, where you can meet one of our team, get a feel for Alalaho and ask whatever question you may have about our retreat program.

You may even meet some other fellow travellers to share the journey with!

“I learned so much about myself in so many ways, it is really hard to list. I have strength and courage I did not know about, I have a purpose, I can connect with people in an authentic way […] I learned a level of compassion that blew me away.”
Jennifer, 52

“I felt completely safe and looked after throughout the truffle ceremony and the retreat as a whole. The love, care and dedication shown by the facilitators was instrumental in allowing me to surrender completely to the psychedelic experience.” Ben, 37

“I’ve come to know the very meaning of being a human. There was an overwhelming sense of love for fellow beings, and the joy of being in a community. I’ve learned to be vulnerable, sharing my dark sides and still being loved by my fellows. I’ve learned how we can eat differently while enjoying food even more. So many new techniques of breathing and finding my inner space of calm. The psychedelic experience itself is such a profound, challenging yet immensely beautiful and life changing journey. I’ve got so much clarity about how to proceed in my life.” Navaid, 45

“What did I learn? Well to love, live, laugh and let go… In no particular order!”
Fanny, 45

“I learned about the profound beauty that can be found through showing vulnerability and opening one’s heart to strangers. I fell in love with everyone at the retreat, perhaps humanity as a whole. The way it opened my heart and mind is deeply profound and beautiful. Without a doubt I consider the retreat one of the most impactful weekends of my life.” Alastair, 32

“I learnt how great trust and bonding can be formed amongst a group of women in such a short time and how this can support them to open up and cope with difficult experiences and of the power of the psychedelic experience to heal and open. It can be a transformative experience. It is a rare safe place to reveal your authentic self and be vulnerable.” Jane, 63

“I learned that my body has been enslaved by my mind and is now enjoying a recaptured freedom. I also realised, in more depth, that love and grief are inseparable, that my anxiety is a sort of precursor of grief, and I can embrace it as a sign of love.” John, 58

“The attention to integration was amazing, extremely impactful, and probably the main reason I’d recommend these retreats.” Li, 32

“I unreservedly recommend this retreat to anyone interested in exploring the mysteries of life and mind in a safe and professional setting. This experience gathers everything – if more than than! – that is needed to have a peaceful, safe and profoundly meaningful journey.” Stephanie, 36

“For me, it was a reminder of what it means to be human and a chance to reconnect to practices and traditions that have fallen out of daily life for myself and many others. It has strengthened my commitment to try living with compassion, kindness and mindfulness, and also reignited a passion inside me for singing and dancing! It was a great reminder of the fact that everyone is a work in progress and the importance of love, authenticity and vulnerability when relating to one another” Alice, 33

“Before the retreat, I would not have believed the phrase “plant medicines”, but now I feel I understand the long-term, positive effects they can have on you. I feel like my eyes have been opened to a world I was ignoring before. I also learned about the power of community, and how the mindset of the people around can have such strong positive and encouraging effects on both the mind AND the body. The way I relaxed during this retreat is something I haven’t felt in a long long time.” Chandell, 26

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The foundation of our approach, open to all

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Authentic Relating

Finding the freedom to be ourselves

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Body and Earth

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The Alalaho Journey


Submit an application to the Alalaho retreat programme. This information is essential in helping us support your safety and well-being.

Exploration Call

Schedule a complimentary call with us to explore whether a psychedelic journey is the right decision for you at this point in your life.

Book your retreat

Choose your preferred retreat type and date.

Begin the preparation process

You will receive material and suggested exercises to support your preparation for the retreat. One week before the retreat there will be a video call for you to meet your lead facilitator and fellow participants.

Attend the retreat

Let go of your usual duties and obligations and be held and supported as you set sail onto new shores, discovering yourself and the world in a whole new way!

Embark on integration journey

You will be supported for 3 weeks through a weekly group video call with your fellow participants and a senior facilitator as well as suggested exercises – to help you weave the insights from the retreat back into your everyday life.


  • Our retreats are for people in good mental and physical health. We do not offer therapeutic or medical treatment.
  • Even though the vast majority of our participants have very meaningful and beneficial experiences, there is no guaranteed outcome from participating on a retreat.
  • The majority of research indicating the positive effects of psilocybin was done in a clinical setting, which is very different to that of a retreat environment. More research is needed to explore the benefits offered by the psilocybin experience.