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Our vision

We are in the midst of a psychedelic renaissance with new possibilities for global healing on the horizon. Working with Alalaho is a unique opportunity to be a pioneer and part of creating meaningful change.

A sincerely values-led organisation, we are dedicated to becoming a global leader in psycho-spiritual healing. While psychedelics are the centrepiece of our work, Alalaho’s focus is to support, enhance and sustain their beneficial effects through other psycho-spiritual practices, drawing on various wisdom traditions and bodies of knowledge from around the world to connect us more deeply to ourselves, each other, nature and the mystery of existence. Ultimately, our mission is to catalyse the transition towards greater self-awareness, thus supporting individuals to take full responsibility for their lives, enabling them to live lives of more meaning and beauty and to be in service of our collective evolution.

Current Vacancies

Marketing Manager

As marketing manager you will be instrumental in building the brand awareness and trust that engages and supports our clients to choose Alalaho for their transformational journey.

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