One-to-One Work

At Alalaho, we recognise that the journey towards inner healing and growth is deeply personal and unique. Whether you’re seeking to understand yourself better, find guidance in integrating profound experiences, or pursuing a journey of psycho-spiritual development, our one-to-one offerings are tailored to meet you where you are. Guided by our founder Jennifer – a seasoned psychotherapist with a rich background in meditation – our services are designed to support your journey towards a more wholesome, authentic and joyful life.

Meet your guide

Meet Jennifer – Founder of Alalaho, Psychotherapist, and Meditator. With a rich tapestry of professional training and personal exploration, Jennifer brings years of experience in facilitating transformational journeys. Her approach, grounded in both psychotherapeutic expertise and spiritual depth, is informed by her long-term commitment to meditation and inner work. Jennifer’s journey has been one of bridging the wisdom of Eastern practices with the insights of Western psychology, offering compassionate, insightful and skilled guidance for healing and growth.

Qualifications and experience

Jennifer is a qualified integrative transpersonal psychotherapist, deeply committed to her continuous professional development. This ensures she consistently integrates the most current therapeutic practices into her work. With nearly two decades of involvement in Tibetan Buddhism, Jennifer brings a unique depth to her one-to-one work.

Modalities and techniques

Jennifer’s approach is firmly grounded in integrative psychotherapy, and enhanced with a variety of techniques to ensure highly personalised support. These include awareness practices for cultivating mindfulness, guided visualisations and dreamwork to explore inner landscapes, and working with the creative imagination and expression through drawing or journaling. She may also recommend things to read, or complementary practices to explore, to further your journey.

Personal journey

From a young age, Jennifer has been deeply immersed in the exploration of the human mind and heart. Her journey includes close to a hundred meditation retreats, featuring extended silent solitary retreats. Passionate about the interplay between psychotherapy and meditation, Jennifer believes that therapeutic work can greatly enhance one’s spiritual practice, making it more authentic; and that spiritual practice unlocks a deep wealth of inner wisdom that might otherwise remain inaccessible.

What’s on offer

One-to-one Containers

My services
Clarity Session
Unravel your challenges & discover a new way forward

Tackle a specific issue in this focused one-off session. We’ll delve into its roots, impact, and potential solutions, exploring the why, what, and how of your challenge. Recommendations for further reading, workshops, retreats, or modalities will be provided to support your journey. You’ll leave with newfound clarity and actionable next steps to navigate your path forward.

My services
Preparation & Integration Sessions
Expert support to navigate peaks & ground insights

Bespoke support for psychedelic and other peak experiences ensures you’re well-prepared and can fully integrate these profound experiences. It helps maximise the benefits and navigate the unique challenges such experiences can pose. While often transformative, such journeys can also can be deeply unsettling. Expert one-to-one guidance becomes invaluable, ensuring effective navigation through this complex terrain.

My services
Transformational Journeys
A six-month container for sustainable transformation

Dive into a bespoke transformative journey designed to help you step into the next version of yourself. This comprehensive container merges deep therapeutic work, creative techniques, and meditative practices, tailored uniquely to you. With Jennifer’s full spectrum of skills at your service, you’re supported in profound growth, healing, and self-discovery, unlocking new layers of your being.

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