Our values

Five core values inspire our approach to this work and to life:
Honesty, Heart, Commitment, Brilliance and Magic.




Healing begins with honesty – with ourselves and with each other. It requires training the ‘muscle’ that allows us to see even those parts of ourselves that like to remain hidden, and learning to communicate our truth with others, skillfully, by discerning and sharing all that is relevant.



Love, Wisdom & Courage

Love is often romantically idealised but ultimately not taken seriously or dismissed altogether in politics and business so as to ‘get real’. To us, love is the most powerful force in the universe and we value the heart as the seat of wisdom and sensitivity, strength and compassion. We actively invite the tenderness of vulnerability and the courage it takes to ‘go there’ and face things we are afraid or ashamed of. By cultivating our capacity to feel, we access the wisdom in emotions, an expanded awareness of ourselves, and an enhanced ability to make more aligned decisions.




What we walk and what we offer is a path, not an event or a destination. It requires practice, patience, and perseverance – a commitment to being in life, doing this work, and infusing every day with purpose and intention. This deep dedication is sourced in a continual remembrance that we are part of something much vaster than our small selves. It is core to how we run our organisation, and how we meet our unfolding civilisational challenges. We invite participants on their own journey to find out what ignites them to stay committed to, and supported on their path.




Brilliance is a reflection of our care. This care is expressed in our attention to detail and beauty. We go further than ‘good enough’: We aim to do everything to the very best of our ability, going the extra mile and stretching into our potential. It’s a value through which we nourish ourselves and inspire others, knowing we have given the best of ourselves, creating something of exceptional quality that touches others and illuminates the rich possibilities this life has to offer. Brilliance is magic: it shines and sparkles.




Magic is the spark of life – it speaks to the ineffable Great Mystery, where creativity, aliveness, joy, awe and wonder abound. the place that we enter by sitting in the unknown with humility, attentive to what wants to emerge. In our work, we practise sitting in the unknown with humility, attentive to what wants to emerge. While we do serious work addressing serious issues, we also make sure not to ever take ourselves too seriously, leaving space for spontaneity, humour and playfulness. Previously unimaginable, enchanting things can happen when the mind lets go of its need to control, when it allows the creative flow of spontaneously arising life force to reveal itself and move us. By opening up to the many layers of our being, we access a vital avenue of nourishment and inspiration.