Meditators: Core Retreat 5-day

July 17 - 21, 2023

Lead facilitator:

Jennifer Tessler




11 places remaining

The practice of meditation enables us to see clearly, to gaze without bias, into ourselves and the nature of reality. It sharpens our awareness, stretches our mind and opens our heart.

Committing to a spiritual practice can shape the course of our lives by providing us with new meaning and experiences that transform us, give us a sense of direction. It teaches us to work with life: to learn from it and dance with it, rather than merely get through it. The practice of meditation in particular gives us access to a vast pool of inner resources with which to meet the many facets of human existence. It can transform everyday confusion into timeless wisdom, and our ordinary consciousness into awakened mind. 

However, following a spiritual path isn’t without its potential pitfalls, especially while also seeking a sense of personal wellbeing and fulfilment in our fast-paced modern lives and relationships. At times, our practice gets ‘hijacked’ by our tender, fearful ego and conditioned personality structure: we use spiritual notions to protect ourselves from the most painful aspects of life. Fleeting transpersonal experiences become a means to avoid engaging with life and our personal wounds. Instead of opening up, we rigidify.

Other times, it is our modern culture that gets in the way of us following our path and trusting our practice. We sit, we reflect, we meditate; insights and a certain clarity arise. And yet the moment we get up from our meditation cushion and start rubbing up against life again, it is as though all the wisdom thus cultivated had suddenly vanished, overpowered by our environment and conditioning. 


The Alalaho Meditators Retreat is a unique opportunity to explore the synergy between meditative practices, non-ordinary states of consciousness and therapeutic work.

In the company of fellow meditation practitioners and consciousness explorers who share your aspirations and your struggles, we will explore the many challenges of integrating an earthly life with the spiritual path, and of fully embodying a wisdom that must include yet transcends the personality.


Our OPEN retreats offer a safe and accessible entry point into psychedelic and other forms of inner exploration and personal growth.

They are designed to prepare you to let go into a receptive, trusting state of mind (set), in an environment in which you can feel completely safe and supported (setting). We include exercises and approaches from the Western clinical model, somatic and transpersonal psychology, as well as from ancient wisdom traditions across different cultures and times, with a particular focus on Tibetan Buddhism for this particular retreat.

Open retreats introduce you to the foundational pillars of our approach: relationship with self, relationship with others, relationship with nature, relationship with the Mystery.


Who is it for?

Our Meditators retreat is an exclusive retreat for people who have some prior experience of meditation and/or dharma, be it through attending retreats or several years of committed practice. While it is open to practitioners from all spiritual traditions, the lead facilitator will mainly draw from her 13+ years of experience following the Tibetan Buddhist path, as well as her work as a transpersonal psychotherapist. 

Our OPEN retreats offer an accessible entrypoint into psychedelic and other forms of inner exploration and personal growth. They are available to all, regardless of prior experience of psychedelic substances.


5-days / 4-nights

On our 5 day retreats, we dedicate an extra day for preparation. You have a whole day to arrive and feel safe, settled and connected to the place and the group. It allows more space to prepare internally, to come into deeper contact with what is blocking us in our lives, and distil our intention for the ceremony. The preparation day is then followed by the ceremony and integration day as with the 4-day retreat.


  • Meeting at Kokopelli Smartshop near Amsterdam Central Station 14:15 CET
  • Bus leaves for the Venue at 15:00 CET
  • Retreat start time: 18:00 CET
  • End time: 10:00 CET
  • Return arrival at Schiphol expected around 13:30 CET


  • 2,450€ for a 5-day retreat including facilitation, food and accommodation
  • 45€ for the psychedelic truffles paid directly to the smart shop (not to us). The reason for this extra cost is that in order to sell truffles you have to be a registered ‘smart shop’, so for licensing reasons, we cannot give you the truffles directly and you have to purchase them yourself.
  • Optional: 100€ per night for a private room (standard shared rooms accommodate 2-3 people).


After registration, you will receive an email with our bank details for transfer. We will hold your reservation for 3 business days to give your bank transfer time to arrive on our account. We are not currently able to accept credit cards or Paypal payments but we are working on expanding our payment options and hope to be able to offer you these options soon.


Near Schin op Geul, Netherlands.

  • By car or train from Maastricht: 20mins
  • By car or train from Amsterdam: 2.5 - 3hours
  • By car or train from Brussels, Belgium: 1 hour 45 mins
  • By car from Aachen, Germany: 30mins

You have the option to join your fellow participants on a coach from Amsterdam Central Station to the venue, and the return coach will go directly to Schiphol Airport.

Retreat Preparation and Integration

You will be supported over the following weeks through 3 group video calls with your fellow participants and the lead facilitator to help you weave the insights from the retreat back into your everyday life.

We do our very best to set those dates in stone... but life can be a little unpredictable at times! If there are any changes we will communicate them with you as soon as we can.

Preparation group call:

  • 10th July 2023: 5-7pm UK /  6-8pm CET

Integration calls:

  • 27th July 2023: 5-7pm UK / 6-8pm CET
  • 3rd August 2023: 5-7pm UK / 6-8pm CET
  • 5th September 2023: 5-7pm UK / 6-8pm CET




11 places remaining


  • Our retreats are for people in good mental and physical health. We do not offer therapeutic or medical treatment.
  • Even though the vast majority of our participants have very meaningful and beneficial experiences, there is no guaranteed outcome from participating on a retreat.
  • The majority of research indicating the positive effects of psilocybin was done in a clinical setting, which is very different to that of a retreat environment. More research is needed to explore the benefits offered by the psilocybin experience.